From your loved one’s ashes, human or animal, under our microscope, we will discover their continuum, their unique constellation, and convert it into a beautiful piece of art. Engaging with the process of creating a Dead Soon print is a profound and meaningful journey, and we are honoured you are considering taking it with us. We have taken care of every step to ensure it feels as sacred as possible.

We are sensitive to your loss and this being an emotional experience, so we have pioneered a grief healer initiative to help. At your discretion, one of our grief healers will be made available to you for a session during the print journey. Should you wish to opt out of your complimentary session, we will ‘Pay it forward’ to a front line worker or someone in crisis.

Once we receive your commission order, we will be preparing your ceremonial box for delivery. Within your box you will receive a vial for you to place a pinch worth of ashes, along with a personal note from Gabriela to accompany this intimate moment.

Following the return of your ceremonial box to our studio, we will mindfully unpack your vial ready for Gabriela to initiate the artistic process of capturing your beloved’s cosmos. The image will be converted into a print and then safely packaged to be returned to you along with a letter from Gabriela, the ashes intact, and your certificate of authenticity.

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